Authentic Vegetarian Delicacies from Madhuri's Kitchen
  • Coriander Rice (using organic semi brown rice)

    Coriander Rice (using organic semi brown rice)

    One of my favorite rice dishes which can be made within no time. Generally we use coriander leaves for garnishing various dishes, but children tend to pick and remove all the leaves and keep it aside. So once in a while I prefer to cook this rice using these coriander ...

  • Homemade butter Naans

    Homemade butter Naans

    Homemade naans are very smooth and tasty to eat . try this recipe and you can make baturas also with this dough. Take small portion and dust it with flour and roll into chapathi . Heat tawa and place the naan on it and roast it on both side by ...

  • Koya mixed dry fruits kajjikai( gujjia)

    Koya mixed dry fruits kajjikai( gujjia)

    Grind cashew and badam in powder and add this to the readymade sweet kova mix which is available in market . Make small ball of the dough and roll it into small puri using rolling pin . Then place the puri in the mould of kajjikai( gujjia ) and put ...

  • Dondakaya stuffed (Tindora stuffed curry)

    Dondakaya stuffed (Tindora stuffed curry)

    .Ground this into smooth powder . Add chopped coriander leaves to it. Mix well and keep it aside . The stuffing is ready . Clean the tindora (dondakaya ) and make slit on both sides . Then pressure cook them for one whistle . Remove it and allow it to ...

  • Malaysian Sago Sweet (Sabudana ki methai)

    Malaysian Sago Sweet (Sabudana ki methai)

    We can use Sago (popularly known as sabudana in Hindi) to make variety of dishes. Personally my favorite is sabudana khichadi. But I wanted to try out something new with Sabudana. I made this special sweet dish out of Sabudana as suggested by one of my Aunties. She won First ...

  • Black Urad dal ladoo (sunnundallu)

    Black Urad dal ladoo (sunnundallu)

    This is traditional andhra recipe which every one likes and prepare in marriages or any functions .I have used black urad dal and white urad dal mix so that it is healthy and very nutritional for kids .

  • Andhra style Karela chutney

    Andhra style Karela chutney

    Karela is profoundly grown in Asian and sub-tropical climates. It makes an essential detoxifier and skin cleanser. Regular intake of this bitter herb helps boost the immune system while removing all unnecessary toxins. Bitter guard is considered a fruit as it has seeds. However, the most common usage of this ...

  • Oats Tomato Bhath

    Oats Tomato Bhath

    Eating oats in your diet provides wide range of important health benefits. Oatmeal or oat bran are significant sources of dietary fiber.This fiber contains a mixture of about half of soluble fiber and half of insoluble fibers.The beneficial health effects of oats are best if 1/2 -1 cup of oats ...