Authentic Vegetarian Delicacies from Madhuri's Kitchen
  • Lauki Ke Parathe

    Lauki Ke Parathe

    Lauki or bottle gourd as we call it in English is a south asian squash is indeed bottle shaped ,light green and long .The flesh inside is spongy and we can also cut into small pieces and make curry out of it .Bottle gourd is over 90% water therefore it ...

  • 7 Cup Cake

    7 Cup Cake

    Wonderful sweet for all occasions . I tried this in suggestions of our Aunty .This is called as 7 cup cake because we use all together seven cups of ingredients to make this sweet .

  • Mixed Veg Leafy Dal Curry

    Mixed Veg Leafy Dal Curry

    In winter season we can use lots of fresh and seasonal vegetables and make variety of dishes .My mother use to prepare this curry in winter times when fresh menthi and cauliflower comes . I personal is very fond of this curry , so wanted to share .

  • Sweet Bonda /Kesari Balls (Prasadam Borellu)

    Sweet Bonda /Kesari Balls (Prasadam Borellu)

    Prasadam borellu /sweet bonda are one of the popular delicacy in andhra cuisine which is commonly prepared during festivals or any get together. To prepare these , we make kesari/halwa/prasadam and deep fry it. Its definitely an art to master these borellu/sweet bonda getting them in right shape and crust ...

  • Pala Billalu(Milk with arrowroot powder burfi)

    Pala Billalu(Milk with arrowroot powder burfi)

    Arrowroot powder (pala gunda in telugu) is a white ,flavourless powder used to thicken sauces ,soup and other foods. Arrowroot powder is comprised of starches extracted from various tropical tubers such as arrowroot plant.It is twice the thickening powder of wheat flour or corn starch ,because it contains no potein ...